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Hot News!I've Been Appointed AZ Senate Judiciary Chairman for 2013-14

Rick Murphy - District 21 State Senator

First of all, thank you for your votes and continued trust.  I do my best to campaign on the fundamental principles I believe in, which I also believe reflect our district's majority views.

Despite the addition all of El Mirage and a large part of Surprise to our district, I was still able to win re-election by over 14,000 votes.

Thanks to the many people who helped in so many ways!

The good thing about having a principled representative is that while you may or may not agree with all of my principles, at least you know where I stand and are unlikely to be surprised by very many of my votes.  When a particular issue is closely linked to a bedrock principle, and my position is based on that principle, no amount of calls or emails is likely to change my stance.  If people come to disagree with my principles, they are free to vote against me if they see fit.  Principles don't really mean anything if they aren't consistent.

However, many issues are matters of policy that aren't necessarily driven by core principles.  On those issues, I look forward to as much voter input as possible.  Many times, I have changed or made up my mind based in part on feedback from constituents.  Please continue to send comments and ideas about legislative issues to .  Due to the large volume of email I receive I can't personally respond to every message, but I do read every message.

My seniority has allowed me to become the Chairman of the Judiciary committee, which oversees a wide range of legal issues. 

2013 Budget Update

Thanks to the tough budget decisions we made in 2011 and 2012, the state budget was balanced with few or no gimmicks, despite a lackluster national economy. Even though tax revenues have come in above what was forecast, creating a modest surplus, I advocated holding the budget essentially flat, which we did. This has allowed us to accumulate a surplus/Rainy Day Fund of over $600 million.

I also helped spearhead tax reforms that have moved Arizona into the top five for job creation and business start-ups and into the top ten for having an overall business-friendly environment. While some claim the tax cuts we put in place “cost” too much, they have clearly helped Arizona better compete for not only new jobs, but companies looking to move from states like California that enacted large tax increases. Even if the new revenue only replaces the “lost” revenue from the tax cuts, the overall result is still more jobs for Arizonans!

As we move into the next budget cycle, we continue to face significant budget uncertainty. Continued national economic weakness and the possibility of huge costs from Obamacare and other federal mandates threaten to push Arizona's budget out of balance again over the next few years. Those “surplus” funds will help to “bridge the gap” and minimize (or maybe even prevent) the need for additional budget cuts or tax increases in the future.

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